I’m Megan Miao, a learning experience designer, ceramicist, writer and educator based in Singapore. 

I’m currently building programmes and experiences for new technologies at NewCampus. I'm also a generally helpful person.

Reach out and let’s talk sh*t together about learning, design and art.

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DIY Sex Toy Workshop is a session where participants come to design their own individually specific and "ideal" sex toy. Accompanied by a free-flow discussion, the workshop will explore what it means to design for pleasure, the limits of what a sex toy can be, as well as stigmas around sex toys and play.

The workshop is open-ended in nature, with each individual handcrafting their own object to satisfy their own definition of a sex toy. In doing so, we reach subjective conclusions about our own desires – be it sexual or sensual.

The workshop has been presented a few times, evolving to suit the context. The workshop is still in development as a process and/or pedagogical tool to discuss sexuality.

Jan, 2019: Telok Ayer Arts Club
Dec, 2018: Telok Ayer Arts Club
Nov, 2016: Adapted for a private workshop  
Nov, 2016: The School of Uncommon Knowledge, Substation
Aug, 2016: National Sex Ed Class, as part of OPEN PORES 2016 with Aqilah Hassan

The workshop has been covered by CLEO and T Magazine.