I’m Megan Miao, a learning experience designer, ceramicist, writer and educator based in Singapore. 

I’m currently building programmes and experiences for new technologies at NewCampus. I'm also a generally helpful person.

Reach out and let’s talk sh*t together about learning, design and art.

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My favourite line:

“Apartment living is currently at an inflection point. We’ve become used to our apartments being not just places to live, but also a financial investment and a ritual of adulthood. And through the last few years, they’ve also become our offices, gyms, and modes of self-expression.“


My favourite line: 

“I felt much more fragile then, because what if people didn’t appreciate it? But over time, I’ve just been through a lot more seasons of my life, and now I’m at a stage where if people are interested, they can come in.”


My favourite line:

“He sits in front of us in a bright red Tang jacket, mixing the stoicism of traditional teahouses with the confidence of a third-wave coffee barista.”
#review #art #experience #tradition


Plural's ABCs of Art

Researched and wrote the scripts for an “ABCs of Art” video series about basic terminology in the art world. Commissioned by Plural Art Mag 
#scriptwriting #video #art #basics


My favourite line:

“This spirit of indomitable curiosity and perseverance comes through in the collection of work, reminding us that every successful pot is born from the ashes of failure.”
#review #art #ceramics


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